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Thermal Grizzly from Hamburg is a German brand that has made the fight against high temperatures and poor heat transport on the flags. The goal is to supply the overclocker scene with high-performance thermal conductivity products, which are still a weak point - but the product portfolio can also be used for better and quieter cooling of gaming computers, workstations, mini-PCs and many other purposes. In addition to higher clock rates, better thermal conductivity products enable quieter cooling and a longer service life for the components to be cooled.

In order to achieve these goals, Thermal Grizzly worked closely with the well-known extreme overclocker novel "der8auer" Hartung in product developmentworked together and tested, developed chemical compositions and analyzed competitors. The resulting products are extremely popular in the overclocking community.

The thermal compound, dubbed Kryonaut Extreme, is aimed at extreme overclockers with its outstanding thermal conductivity . As its name suggests, it is ideally suited for low-temperature cooling such as nitrogen or compressor cooling. Compared to the Kryonaut thermal paste, the finer basic particles of the Kryonaut Extreme ensure a lower risk of it being caused by the high temperature differences with nitrogen cooling"cracking" occurs and the thermal conductivity is impaired. The Kryonaut Extreme is suitable for extremely low temperatures down to -250 ° C .

Tin oxide components and particularly fine nano-aluminum oxide particles are embedded in a carrier structure, which optimally compensate for unevenness on the surfaces of the heat source and heat sink and offer outstanding thermal conductivity . The Kryonaut Extreme is also characterized by the fact that it does not dry out even at a high temperature of 80 ° C and is not electrically conductive .

The Kryonaut Extreme thermal paste comes here asSyringe with 2 g content for about 6 uses - this of course depends on the amount used and the skill of the user and the size of the CPU. The scope of delivery also includes an applicator for precise application and distribution of the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme .

Danger! Please note the manufacturer's warnings before use!

Technical details:
- Quantity: 2 g
- Thermal conductivity: 14.2 W / (m K)
- Density: 3.76 g / cm³
- Viscosity: 135-180 Pa · s
- Operating temperature: -250 ° C to 350 ° C

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