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Jonsbo D40 ATX Black Case

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The Jonsbo D40 is a sleek, small form factor PC. Its rounded edges and smooth lines give it a modern aesthetic whilst the carefully curated interior provides flexible support for your hardware. Able to accommodate up to a ATX motherboard and triple-slot GPU, you can build a powerful gaming PC within this small frame. Plus, the extensive fan and radiator support keeps the air flowing and temperatures down.


  • ATX PC case manufactured from aluminium alloy and steel
  • 3mm tempered glass panel to showcase hardware
  • Sleek and modern aesthetic with smooth lines
  • Comprehensive cooling support to maintain temperatures
  • Accommodates up to ATX motherboard and 355mm long GPU
  • Flexible storage solution and front mounted PSU


The Jonsbo D40 is an ATX PC case with a small footprint and an intelligently designed interior to optimise the hardware it can support. For the motherboard, there is accommodation for either an ATX or Micro-ATX model. The frame has seven expansion slots for supporting PCIe hardware and your graphics card. There is clearance for a maximum length of 355mm when it comes to your GPU, however this is reduced to 305mm when utilising a larger PSU.


Keeping the Jonsbo D40 interior looking clean, the power supply is mounted at the front of the chassis. From the side on view, this area is covered with metal panelling serving as an open yet dedicated PSU shroud. There is space for an ATX PSU, up to 220mm long. It should be noted that power supplies above 170mm in length affect the GPU clearance.

This area also holds storage drive mounts for up to four drives. Three 2.5” SSDs can be mounted onto the panelling, with two on the front and one hidden on the backplate. A fourth drive can be mounted onto the bottom of the chassis. This can either be a 2.5” SSD or 3.5” HDD, depending on your storage needs.


To counter the drawback of having tightly packed components, the Jonsbo D40 has a comprehensive cooling solution that offers flexible options. Whether you prefer air or water-cooling, this PC case can support a wide range of thermal hardware.

The top panel can be used for either two 120mm or 140mm fans, with up to a 240mm AiO radiator as an alternative. Upon the bottom panel, there are mounts for three 120mm or two 140mm fans, once again with the option to instal a 240mm AiO system. Finally, the rear panel can host either a 120mm fan or radiator. If you prefer air-cooling, there is clearance for a 168mm tall CPU cooler. Paired with the existing ventilation on the panel work, the Jonsbo D40 offers incredible thermal performance.

Additionally, there are four dust filters attached to various ventilation panels, to prevent dust build up in your gaming PC.


Overall, the Jonsbo D40 has a sleek and modern aesthetic. Instead of sharp lines, corners and edges have been rounded off, creating a somewhat continuous effect. Additionally, the side metal and tempered glass panels can be switched, for a boost to airflow. The chassis is available in one of three colours, black, white, and silver. This model is black, cutting a bold frame that would be a stylish addition to any gaming environment.

Further helping to keep the interior tidy, there is a cable routing area behind the motherboard backplate. This features dedicated holes to feed through the necessary cables, without cluttering your build. Additionally, the I/O panel rests in front of this area, optimising access. This features a power button, audio jack, and two USB 3.2 ports – one type A and one type C. Both USB ports have a transfer rate of 5Gbps, for fast communication between your device and PC.


Brand Jonsbo
Model D40 PC Case
Form Factor ATX
Colour Black
Dimensions 240mm x 401mm x 386mm
W x D x H
Materials 1.5mm aluminium alloy
0.6mm steel plate
3mm tempered glass
Storage Support 3 x 2.5” + 1 x 3.5”
Or 4 x 2.5”
Motherboard Support ATX / Micro-ATX
Expansion Slots 7
I/O Panel 1 x USB 3.2 Type C (5Gbps)
1 x USB 3.2 Type A (5Gbps)
1 x Audio jack
170mm – 220mm
PSU Size affects GPU clearance
GPU Support Between 330mm – 355mm
Max length reduced to 305mm when PSU exceeds 170mm
CPU Cooler Max height 168mm
Cooling Support Top:
2 x 120mm/140mm fans
Or 1 x 240mm radiator
3 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm fans
Or 1 x 240mm radiator
1 x 120mm fan or radiator
Weight 5.68kg

Customer Reviews

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Warren Scott Viggars
A tidy case

In recent years I have been a little out of the loop with PC builds and then all of a sudden have a few to build. The Jonsbo D40 ATX Black Case was bought for a smallish ATX build using mostly 'pre-loved' components.

The case itself is built to a good standard, it seems robust enough, 2 Thumbscrews secure the plastic Top Panel giving access to 2 standard screws on each side for removing the Side Panels. The Side Panels slot in place very nicely, no fiddling about is necessary and the Glass Panel is a decent thickness.

No fans are supplied with the case but the fan mounts allow for 2 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm fans on the top and bottom and a 120mm fan at the top rear of the case. There are no fans on the front as it is a solid panel. I shall install 900RPM Noctua fans top and bottom to build a quietish PC.

Installing the Motherboard was a breeze and the cut out behind the CPU is large enough for accessing the heatsink brackets allowing for changing the brackets to fit a new heatsink without taking the Motherboard out. There are also plenty of holes to allow neat cabling to the Motherboard.

Storage space has changed over the years, there is room for just 1 3.5" Hard Drive, this is at the bottom of the case and the SATA power and Data leads are a tight fit. I tracked down Left Angle SATA leads for this and it looks much neater and with less stress on the leads.

The SSD/2.5" mounts are on a vertical panel and look equally awkward, standard Right Angle leads would work for these though.

Overall it is a very nice case, looks fairly modern and if a little time and thought is spent on the build rewarding to work with.